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Kunoh, Stereo Zoom Microscope

  • 0.67X to 4.5X zoom body
  • Eyepiece: 10X, 15X, 20X
  • Auxiliary lens : 0.5X,1.5X,2X
  • Standard Magnification: 6.7X - 45X
  • Maximum Magnification : 180X
  • Working Distance : 100mm
  • Dioptric adjustment at both tubes
  • Post stand

HiScope, Stereo Zoon Microscope

  • 0.8X to 5X zoom body
  • Eyepiece : 10X, 15X, 20X
  • Auxiliary lens : 0.5X,1.5X,2X
  • Standard Magnification: 8X - 50X
  • Maximum Magnification : 200X
  • Working Distance : 115mm
  • Dioptric adjustment at both tubes
  • Track stand with bottom LED Iight

HiScope, Oblique Viewing Rotator

  • Convert conventional top down microscopic viewing to oblique viewing through eyepiece or monitor.
  • 360 degree rotatable.
  • Build in LED illumination
  • Easy assembly
  • No more sample tilting
  • Allow top view and side view together

HiScope, Video Zoom Inspection System

  • Fatigue free inspection without eyepieces observation.
  • 0.7X to 4.5X zoom body
  • Auxiliary lens : 0.25X, 0.5X, 0.75X, 1.5X and 2X
  • Photo tube magnification : 0.5X, 0.67X, 1X, 2X and 5X
  • Optical Magnification : 0.09 to 45X
  • Working Distance : 36mm to 356mm
  • Fiber optic ring illumination
  • Universal stand


Union, High Magnification Zoom Microscope

  • Modular design high magnification zoom microscope with 14: 1 zoom ratio.
  • Continuous zooming allows user to set to optimize magnification compare to the conventional microscope that comes with only 4 or 5 fixed magnifications.
  • Objective selection from 0.5X to 70X optical magnification.
  • Manual or motorized zoom.
  • Brightfield and darkfield observation.
  • Can configure for inspection or measurement microscope.

HiScope, 200mm Wafer Inspection Microscope - Lower Focus Assembly

  • Erect Image, 22.5° inclined trinocular observation tube.
  • Wide Field eyepiece, WF10X.
  • Inward facing 5 objective changer.
  • Objectives: 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X and 100X.
  • Brightfield and Darkfield observation.
  • Analyzer and polarizer.
  • Stage size: 280mm x 270mm.
  • Stage travel 200mm x 200mm.
  • Lower focusing knob.
  • Co-Axial course and fine focusing.
  • Camera and LCD display included.
  • Optional inker sset with defect counter


HiScope, 150mm Wafer Inspection Microscope

  • Erect image 25° inclined trinocular observation tube.
  • Wide Field eyepiece, WF10X.
  • Inward facing 5 objectives changer.
  • Objective: 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X, 100X.
  • Brightfield and Darkfield observation
  • Analyzer and polarizer
  • Stage size: 200mm x 200mm
  • Stage travel: 150mm x 150mm
  • Lower focusing knob
  • Co-axial course and fine focusing
  • Ergonomic front focusing knob and intensity control
  • Optional inker set with defect control

HiScope, Upright Metallurgical Microscope

  • 30° trinocular observation tube.
  • Wide Field Eyepiece, WF10X.
  • WIde range of objective: 5X, 10X, 20X, 40X, 100X.
  • Optional objective: 50X, 60X, 80X.
  • Double layer stage size: 210mm x 1400mm.
  • Stage travel: 75mm x 50mm.
  • Course and fine focusing, 2um resolution.
  • Brightfield and Darkfield.
  • Analyzer and polarizer.
  • Epi-illumination 12V50W.
  • Transmitted illumination with 1.25NA Abbe condeser.
  • Optional Digital Camera System.

HiScope, Polarizing Microscope

  • 30° trinocular observation tube.
  • Wide range of objectives : 4X, 10X, 40X and 100X.
  • 360° rotatable polarizer and analyzer
  • Reflected illumination 6V30W.
  • Transmitted illumination 6V30W
  • Abbe condenser, adjustable
  • ? compensator; ?/4 compensator ; Quarts wedge compensator.
  • Rotatable stage : Diameter F150mm, 360°graduated in 1° increments
  • Minimum retardation resolution 6' center adjustable
  • Camera and LCD display included
  • Optional inker set with defect counter.

WDI, Auto Optical Inspection Microscope

  • Offer Auto Focusing Module or complete microscope solution
  • Motorized Z
  • Motorized lens changer
  • Auto Focus and scanning sensor
  • Auto Focus and tracking sensor
  • Support microscope objective from 2X to 100X.
  • Application include Patterned wafer inspection, Wafer processing, Photomask inspection and repair, CVD TFT repair, Laser micro-machining, etc.
  • Auto Focus module for commercial microscope like Olympus BX, Navitar Zoom lens, etc.
  • IR Laser scanning confocal for sub-surface Inspection

WDI, IR Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope

  • High contrast imaging inherent to confocal microscopy
  • Combines confocal microscopy with IR, enabling imaging through semi-opaque material for sub-surface inspection.
  • Self-contained, no need for separate illumination
  • Can be used as an accessory to infinity corrected optical microscopes
  • Flexible parameter settings
    Frame rate
    Image contrast
    Laser intensity
    Detector sensitivity
    Flip, rotate image
    Selectable line scan and area scan modes
  • Rugged construction suitable for industrial applications

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