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Digital Camera with Imaging software

  • 1.3MP to 6 MP Digital Camera with imaging software.
  • No capture card required. Direct Plug and play to any desk top PC or notebook with USB2.0 port.
  • No additional power supply needed.
  •  Image annotation, enhancement, Field of View measurement, data export.
  • High resolution image capture and live video. File saving in BMP, JPG, TIF, PDF, etc.

Analog High resolution CCD Camera

  • Compact size high resolution CCD cameras of various choices.
  • Sony, JVC, Watec and many others.


  • Illumination for microscope, zoom lens systems and machine vision.
  • Florescent ring illuminator with small power adaptor. Available in 8W and 10W models.
  • LED Ring light with intensity control.
  • LED Co-axial, Dome light, backlight, rectangular light, high power spot light, etc.
  • Optical fiber lighting with intensity control for thermal sensitive application. Available in single flexible guide, double gooseneck guide, ring guide or square guide.

Navitar, Lenses

  • Wide range of lenses for machine vision, imaging, measuring and inspection.
  • Lenses type include manual and motorized zoom lens, fix magnification lens, video lens, large format lens, telecentric lens, etc.

Sliding stage

  • 300mm x 250mm sliding stage with or without glass insert for quick movement of inspected sample.

XY and Theta stage

  • Small XY stage of 75mm x 50mm travel is very helpful for fine movement during inspection.

Inker Assembly

  • Inker kits for inking of defect die with a single push button on your wafer inspection microscope.
  • Various ink types, include instant cured ink is available.
    - Defect counter of 6 to 32 types of defects is available as add-on module.

 Vibration Isolation Table

  • Vibration isolation table for precision instrument available in various size and design.
  • From lab model to clean room class 1 model.
  • Vibration-free platform without table also available.

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