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Automatic Wafer Flat Finder, Mactronix

  • Automatic Wafer Flat Finder, AFF is designed for automatic flat alignment of 4” to 8” wafer
  • The patterned side of the wafer never touches the carrier during rotation.
  • The machine may be configured to accommodate a large diversity of Plastic, Teflon®, and metal carriers.
  • A locating pin on the frame prevents incorrect cassette orientation.
  • When the cassette makes contact with the detector switch, the "AFF" will automatically start, align the flats and stop.
  • The indicator lamp will flash to signify that the flats are aligned to the correct orientation.
  • Located on the left side of the unit is a switch for up or down flat alignment selection.
  • The aligned wafer flats may be manually positioned to any other orientation desired by slowly turning the roller knob.


Automatic Wafer Sorter, Mactronix

  • The Automatic Wafer Sorter machine transfer wafers between two 25-slot cassettes stacked vertically.  Depending on sort routine selected, one cassette may be swapped out for another within the same sort operation.
  • User friendly, menu driven programming for operator and maintenance mode provides complete flexibility.
  • Transfers may be accomplished through keypad commands and may be programmed for specific, customized sequences.
  • The Operator menu allows wafer sorting and combining by one of two methods:
          1.)  Manual
          2.)  Preprogrammed Sort Routines
  • The Technician menu enables rapid machine diagnostics and testing.
  • Wafers are memory mapped and monitored while in the cassettes and are vacuum sensed and monitored during robotic transfers to inhibit accidental damage.
  • When wafers need to be specifically orientated in a cassette, optical flat finding is by one of four programmed positions.



Automatic Wafer Transfer System, Mactronix

  • The MacLite Senior Series with junior function, transfers wafers between two 25 Slot Carriers and one 50 slot Process boat. Carriers/boats can be plastic, Teflon®, Quartz, Silicon Carbide, Polysilicon and metal boats.
  • Fast & Smooth, featuring ramped speeds. A 50 wafer transfer is under 56 seconds.
  • Operator interface is with a 12 key keypad with a 4 line LCD display.
  • MacLite machines are totally electronic, with an auto switching power supply, 110 Vac 60 Hz or 240 Vac 50/60 Hz. 
  • The machine will not introduce more than 1.5 particles, greater than .23 micron in diameter, per wafer per transfer (machine must be exhausted to achieve this figure).
  • Single Board PC controlled.
  • Sensors detect wafers and cassette or process carrier presence for safety.
  • Flat alignment is maintained during transfer.
  • Machine will not drop wafers in the event of a power failure and will prompt the operator through the Recovery Mode after power has been restored.



Wafer Auto Loader, Astel

  • For 150mm, 200mm or 150mm/200mm wafer handling.
  • From thin to thick wafer in single system. Wafer thickness : 170 to 900um depending on warpage
  • Optional TAIKO wafer handling kits for wafer down to 60um
  • Observation method : Front macro, back macro and micro inspection
  • Computer control touch screen interface recipe management system
  • Sequential, sampling or statistical inspection mode.
  • Inspection of back macro is handling by non contact Bernoulli effect pad.
  • Cassette moves up and down by conventional indexer with laser mapping
  • Optical edge detection for centering and alignment
  • 525nm green illumination source provide very effective macro inspection




UV Irradiator, Astel

  • To irradiate dicing frame with UV tape after wafer dicing process
  • Available in semi-automatic or fully automatic version.
  • Semi-automatic model is a microprocessor controlled unit for automated load and unload of a single frame into the chamber, avoid potentially dangerous human handling operation and assuring the best lamp life cycle of more than 2000hrs.
  • Low frequency UV lamp used is not dangerous and does not produce ozone, therefore, not required special protection and exhaust.
  • Fully automatic machine equipped with laser mapping to allow frame in cassettes are pick up perfectly.



Carbon Fiber End Effector for Wafer Handling

  • Available for a wide range of equipment include Applied Material, Canon, EVG, KLA, Nikon, Okamoto, Olympus, SEZ, SVG, TEL, Veeco, Zeiss, etc.
  • Material : Omni-directional or Unidirectional Carbon Fiber.
  • Matrix : Epoxy or phenolic resin
  • ESD safe as carbon is conductive.
  • Special metal or polymide gasket for UV and very high temperature protection.
  • Low particle count on contact surface.
  • Custom-made available.

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