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Prescale Film, Fujifilm

  • Film to measure pressure distribution for entire area. Not just force at single point.
  • No power source required.
  • Out and fits any dimensions.
  • Unevenness and bias in surface pressure can be visual checked by color density.
  • Can be digitized by scanner and convert pressure density into quantifiable value.
  • Measurement includes: Nip pressure, roller/plate contact oressure, fastener tightening pressure, compression pressure, support pressure, etc.
  • Application includes: Engine, gearbox, gasket, O ring, wafer taping, wafer bonding, contact of press die, press machine balance checking, adhesive laminating, LCD bonding, etc.




UV Film, Fujifilm

  • Film to Visualize UV light amount distribution by color density.
  • No power source required.
  • Cut and fits any dimensions
  • Unevenness of UV exposure and decreases in the amount of light can be checked by observing the intensity of the color.
  • Allows the height and position of UV lamps to be adjusted when equipment is installed.
  • Allows checking of the time for replacing lamps.
  • Application includes: UV Curing, UV sterilization, etc..




Polysulfone (PSE) membrane filter, Fujifilm

  • One of the only few Polysulfone membrane manufacturer in the world.
  • Sharp pore size control technology
  • Low resistance asymmetric membrane structure for high efficient filtration.
  • Reliable trapping performance.
  • High flow rate.
  • Extended service life.



High Intensity Lamps, Korea

  • Available for a wide range of high quality intensity lamps and radiation sources for various industry like wafer fabrication, printed circuit board, biological and medical, etc.
  • Application include : UV curing, Microscopy illumination, spectroscopy, photoresist exposure, photochemistry, photolithography, solar simulation, rapid thermal processing, projection printing, metal etching, etc.

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